Adam and Eve: Cut the Ropes

Welcome to the online game Adam and Eve: Cut the Ropes. This is a free Adventure Game. If you have a fondness for puzzle games, you will surely enjoy the physics-based Adam and Eve: Cut the Ropes Unblocked Game. In this game, you will need to help the two main characters to free themselves from the snakes that are entangled in their interwound ropes. The objective of the game is to help Adam reach his beloved wife and collect apples while you do so.

The first level of this game will require you to assist Adam to escape from the snake-ropes that have entangled him. You have to reach Eva before you lose your balance and fall, grabbing apples as you go. But be careful not to let your partner leave the screen, or you'll lose your game. It's easy to lose a level, so take it one step at a time to save your progress.

This puzzle game will make you laugh as you solve challenging puzzles and save Adam. You'll enjoy the characters of Adam and Eve as you try to save them from a variety of traps. Playing Adam and Eve: Cut the Ropes will surely captivate your kids and adults alike. There are 60 levels in this game, all full of challenging and fun challenges for everyone to enjoy. So, grab a mouse and get ready for an exciting new adventure! Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Adam and Eve: Cut the Ropes Unblocked Free Game!