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Skill Games

What are Skill Games?

Do you think you can train agility only on the street in sports games? You are mistaken! A new category of flash games Skill will allow you to check the skill and luck without leaving the computer! Attention and speed are important ingredients for success. A little player gape, and now his finger has been bitten off by a monster, a cunning ball is stuck on the line, and the flappy-ball has collapsed due to a wrong move. Labyrinths and switches, funny characters and familiar sports equipment, tricky tasks and simple actions - the features of skill games can be listed for a very long time.

What are the new Skill Games ?

  1. Hanger 2
  2. Endless Tunnel
  3. İmpossible Quiz
  4. Draw Tattoo
  5. Draw Climber

What are the most popular Skill Games ?

  1. Endless Tunnel
  2. Crazy Roll 3D
  3. PacXon
  4. Happy Snakes
  5. Run Sausage Run
  6. Slope Ball
  7. Cut the Rope
  8. Fish Eat Fish
  9. Cut the Rope 2
  10. Bubble Shooter