Hanger 2

  Here’s one of the many skill games of ours and also an awesome chance to test your skill: Hanger 2! And it’s amazing. What is the task in Hanger 2 game? Your task will be swinging as further as you can. The game will occur through levels, you’ll use your rope to swing in levels. After each level you’ll earn golds to unlock new and enjoyable skins. You can watch short and amusing ads to double your reward. You’ll also be collecting keys while you’re playing and after 3 keys collected, you can unlock chests with surprise rewards.   Game mechanics can remind you of a game about flapping and flying mammal. Just like that game, Hanger unblocked game is highly addictive. You’ll find yourself drawn to the game, you’ll be passing levels like chewing gums. You’ll want to play with every skin in the game because all of them are simply silly and its a joy to swing around inside them. Every setting will be different in Hanger 2 online game and every level will be one of a kind. Scenery will change, one minute you’ll swing around grassy hills and the next minute you’ll be at a snowy mountain. But one thing will stay the same. You’ll have fun.   Its cartoony graphics helps the game’s case of being an adorable piece of work, there is something satisfying about swinging as a cutely drawn human in awesome sceneries. Each level's design is also different so expect random obstacles at random spots. This makes the game very replayable. It’s cute, it’s addictive and it’s %100 free; click play and start having fun!