Ultimate Mario Run

Welcome to the online game Ultimate Mario Run. This is a free Adventure Game. Ultimate Mario Run Unblocked Game is a fun and challenging platformer. The classic 2D pixelated Mario character and updated 3D character are back, and the game features 6 different levels to complete. Players can collect coins, jump on cartoon enemies, and smash question mark blocks to collect power-ups.

The main objective of the game is to guide the green Mario through the many levels and avoid the Chain Chomp Shark. Use your skills to get to the castle and defeat the evil monster. You can use the mouse or keyboard to control the game, or use your finger on a mobile phone to play.

This free online platform game features five levels of increasing difficulty. You can pick your favorite Mario character, which will determine which stage you'll be playing in. You can use the four arrow keys to move your character, but there are no special powers. Your only way to move is by using the keyboard to control your character. You can even shoot fireballs to defeat the evil Bowser, so make sure you use all your skills to your fullest! Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Ultimate Mario Run Unblocked Free Game!