Hair Challenge Online

Play free Hair Challenge Online game. In this free game, you need to go on a journey with your glossy and beautiful hair but wait a second! There are too many enemies on the way and also lots of sharp swords and scissors along the way too! How would you keep your lovely strands out of cutting each other? This is the moment when you realize that this is the challenge you've been waiting for, a test of who among the millions of women in the world is the most beautiful with the longest, silkiest, and shiniest hair!

The main character of the game is called Hair. She is a beautiful black cat like a female cartoon character who is your virtual partner, running around in a 4-D world doing all sorts of crazy stunts that are part of her mission to rescue her hairdresser from a group of terrorists who want to ruin her hairstyle. You too are part of the adventure and Hair Challenge Online Unblocked games as well and have the same crazy hair styles that are needed to save Hair. These adventures are set to continue until you get to the ending scene in which the player has to save Hair and reach the winner's circle and therefore become the best hair idol. There are a total of 16 different hairstyles to choose from and also a cool background to match with each one.

There are lots of challenges in this Hair Challenge Online cool game. First is the simple one where you need to run to the end of the tunnel with your chosen hair color without stepping a single step. You get one point for every five steps you take and if you manage to walk through the finish line then you earn two points. The other challenge involves running to a finish line with no mistakes and only hair colors that you choose. If you manage to do that then you earn double the points and thus become the most eligible hair idol around. There are loads more such crazy hair challenges that you can try. Playing Hair Challenge Online unblocked free games on!