Mermaids Tail Rush

Welcome to the online game Mermaids Tail Rush. This is a online unblocked Girl Game. Are you fond of mermaids? Then, you should try Mermaids Tail Rush unblocked game. It is a simple yet fun game where you can control mermaids by guiding them along a course. Just be sure to avoid obstacles which can reduce the mermaids tail length. The shortest mermaid will lose her tail length and will have to start all over.

To play the Mermaids Tail Rush game, you must be able to swim in water. Your goal is to collect as many mermaid tails as you can before the round ends. To get the maximum score, you must collect as many tails as possible before the round is over. Be sure to watch out for guillotines and roller blades, as they can damage your mermaid's tail length.

Play Mermaids Tail Rush game with your mouse. The objective of this game is to collect as many mermaid tails as possible and to achieve this, you must complete the levels. In each level, you must avoid sharp implements and traps. At the end of each level, the mermaid will measure the length of her tail. If you manage to collect more than three mermaid tails, you will win the level. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Mermaids Tail Rush Unblocked Free Game!