2048 Cupcakes

Are you familiar with 2048 game ? The game where you have to multiply the 2’s and get to the number 2048. If you’re fan of that game, we have an announcement to make. We’re bringing some flavour to that tasteless game. It's 2048 Cupcakes ! In this sweet game you’ll play the cupcake version of the 2048 game. You will be matching different kinds of beautiful looking cupcakes together to reach for another yummy cupcake. Your calory watch is on the game too. Your task is to get to the 5000 Kcal Cupcake. In 2048 unblocked , you will see how tasty a game can get. With its colourful graphics and simple yet enjoyable gameplay, your newest obsession has arrived on Yup7 games. Cupcake 200 Kcal is yummy, Cupcake 2048 Kcal is delicious and Cupcake 5000 Kcal is a cupcake to die for. Start multiplying and eating the cupcakes for success now!