Skill Games

This is a category that will please the skillful the most. Skill Games are determined to test your talents and blindly clicking or hitting the buttons won’t help you on your way to the glory. One cannot simply use brute force their way in this category. Scenery may change, entirety of the games may occur different but the gamer without the necessary skills won’t stand a chance.


If we were to formally explain what Skill Games Unblocked games category is about, we can simply do it this way. In this kind of games the way to success will lie within either player’s physical skills such as fast fingers, dexterity or quick response time or mental skills such as logical abilities, strategic thinking or trivial knowledge. Luckily for the talented, our archive is full of awesome skill games. And luckily for the not so talented too because you can practice on our free skill games, develop your reflexes and strategical thinking and before you know it you can be the glorious victor in skills games. There are basic yet enjoyable skills games on our website, games you can play when you just want to relax your mind. There are complex skills games too, games that will cause a headache just to unlock a glimpse of the game.


There is Endless Tunnel, an excellent sample of this kind where you’ll journey through a tunnel that seems endless while trying to avoid the constant obstacles on your way. Your attention and reflexes will be tested almost every second along the way. There is Crazy Roll 3D, a game that might seem simple enough when you start playing. But after a while it really becomes a challenge and asks for maximum awareness and the fastest response time to be successful. How about Happy Snakes? Bring your skills to the online platform. You’ll start as a little worm. But with your smart strategies and ability to avoid from the more overgrown snakes, you’ll be a big fish in a small pond. Or snake. Run Sausage Run will show its players dangers of a kitchen. It’s hard being a sausage with all of the sharp objects on a kitchen counter. You’ll run for your life and try not to be chopped. This game will test your physical skills rather than mental. There are also great puzzle games, card games, sport games and many other crazy games waiting to be discovered.


Great games that will test your physical and mental skills, your quick thinking and timing as well as your knowledge are here on Yup7 Games. Colourful and the best of its kind. You can play these games on your smartphones, tablets and computers too. So when you feel the urge of being challenged, it doesn’t matter whether you’re at the comfort of your home or outside waiting for a bus. You can play skill games wherever you want, whenever you want on Check our great collection out now. Enjoy.