Rectangular Path

A Rectangular Path is an arcade game that involves a series of moving objects that alternate between left to right. Brink involved two rectangular shapes, and a dot on top of one of the shapes, so that you could change direction by moving the dot over the other shape. In some versions, a circle or other object was also used to control the direction.

In more recent times, several variations have been developed to improve the difficulty level and appeal of the arcade game. Some arcade games are now longer, with longer paths and various levels. The latest arcade game, Double Dutch, offers twelve different levels of difficulty and even allows the player to "customize" his character. Some, such as the Double Dutch arcade game require the player to rotate the camera, but most allow the player to move the camera freely.

One variation of the Rectangular Path Unblocked game is to make it a puzzle game, having the player line up certain shapes, such as a square, a circle, and a rectangle, with two ticks beside them. When these shapes line up correctly, a sound cue is given, and the player gets a bonus point. There are even some games that give points for every rotating circle that a player hits! These circular patterns can be used to create an infinite number of obstacles for the player - making the game nearly impossible to beat.