Zombie Mission 10

Welcome to the online game Zombie Mission 10. This is a free 2 Player Game. In Zombie Mission 10 Unblocked Game, you're in an underground prison, held by a band of zombies. Your goal is to rescue the hostages, collect coins, and unlock upgrades to save humanity. You'll need help from other players to complete this challenging mission.

The game is a 2-player action-adventure game, with bright and colorful 2D graphics. Each level contains a number of enemies, including giant bosses and even boss enemies. Controls are simple but effective. One player can use the WASD keyboard while the other player can use the arrow keys to control the second person. The F key can be used to shoot, the L key for jumping, and the up arrow key to switch weapons.

The second feature of Zombie Mission 10 is the Prison Breakout section. In this section, the prison is overrun by zombies, and your objective is to free hostages and save injured prisoners. In total, there are 30 levels in the game. The player can defeat 7 different bosses during each level, the toughest being the final boss. As the player progresses, they can upgrade their weapons and equipment, which will help them survive longer. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Zombie Mission 10 Unblocked Free Game!