Call of Ops 2

The level of adrenaline will drop and the excitement will displace the heart. You're about to start the Call of Ops 2 game. This is a gun game and it is played online. Connect to a server and join the conflict. Use the B key to buy weapons in Call of Ops 2 Unblocked. The terrain you will fight with is great. Narrow streets, dense houses and tall buildings. Usually your opponents will go up to tall buildings and shoot at you with a sniper rifle. The number of tall buildings in the game is quite low. When you fight, you have to look not only in front of you, but also above. This is a relentless shooting game. There will be only one winner per episode. Those who win sets or neutralize their opponents will earn points and money. These coins are used for better weapons. Call of Ops 2 game is a unique game where you will play collectively with your friends and create your own server. Good luck and have fun in Call of Ops 2.