Welcome to the free game Sploop.io. This is a great Multiplayer Games. Sploop.io unblocked game it is a multiplayer browser action game developed by Yup7.com Studios, the same people who developed the popular browser-based browser action game titles such as Serious Sam and Double Digger.

Sploop.io features eight islands situated on four concentric sides, and two center spaces. The islands are divided in two main categories, green and blue, which are used for split-screen mode. There are also several other objects that you may encounter during your adventure, which are normally used as objectives throughout your Splooshoot session. If the opponent lands on any of the islands, then you have to get rid of him/her before you or your opponents to win the game. In addition, you can also purchase and use a Sploooop (which is a mini UFO that you can control) to fly and attack other players.

Sploop.io is not a very complex game, which means that beginners should not have too much trouble with it. Although Splooshoot is considered to be more action packed than other similar titles, the fact remains that you can do most of the usual activities that you usually perform in multiplayer games without much hassle. And if you are looking for a nice game with great graphics and interesting sound effects, then Sploopio is highly recommended. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Sploop.io unblocked free game!