Banana Poker

  Welcome to Banana Poker. Let's start with a question. Would you like to play the game of poker in a not so serious way? That would be interesting wouldn't it? For a change, you can play this card game in a colourful ambiance. Do you want to learn what it would be like to play poker without some boring setups? Well if you do, then you’ve found what you were looking for. It’s a fresh breath among all of those stuck up poker games. It’s Banana Poker! A colourful and fun card game is waiting for you.   First of all, you’ll sit on a table and play against these characters: Albernstein, Moaichel, Sloth Marley, Biff McNoob, Lilith S., Chimp Manson and Monsieur Bling. And each one of your rivals has their unique playing styles. For example, Albernstein is all about analysis of the hands. Or Monsieur Bling. He’s not someone who analyzes all the time, he will be playing the game in a more aggressive style. And of course, as you can understand from their names, most of these characters are fictionalized and cartoonized versions of some real life figures. Isn't it interesting to see some of the most famous scientists with a mustache on a poker table? And the game... It's a Texas hold 'em poker game. You’ll do Royal Flushes. Your cards might be straight. Or pair. Even two pairs. All of these unique card sets that are the backbone of the poker game is of course included in the game. You’ll be raising the hand, or folding out. You’re gonna call your rivals' bluffs on some hands.    Even though the graphics are cartoonish, the gameplay has not lost a bit from a real poker game. Play is really fluid when compared to most of other poker games. So you’ll not be bored to death while waiting your turn. Read your rivals' cards well, make your bet and be the winner in this exciting card game right now! And if you're into poker games or want to discover more games like this, visit our Card Games section for more. Have fun!