Here’s another awesome .io game for you: Wormate.io! In this exciting .io game, your task is to grow your worm as much as you can. But it's not an easy task to achieve. You’ll be playing against gamers. So, you’ll have to learn and adapt to the game if you wanna be the top worm in wormate.io unblocked. You can login via your Google or Facebook account and keep your score. If you don't want to, you can always play the game as a guest. But by playing as a guest, you’ll never taste the satisfaction of seeing your name as the top worm. Wormateio has colourful graphics. You’ll adore it as you play. Also, it has basic controllers. You just need to move your mouse around or keep touching your screen if you're playin on your phone and stay away from bigger worms. Eating the powerups on the map will get you bigger and stronger. Soon enough you’ll be chasing other worms rather than running away from them. But be careful. If you touch your tail while you're manoeuvring, you’ll lose! Now, start playing and eliminate the others and be the biggest worm on the arena in wormate io !