Penguin Diner

Welcome to the online game Penguin Diner. This is a free Simulation Game. Penguin Diner Unblocked Game is an exciting restaurant simulation where you take care of Penny, the hungry penguin, as she embarks on her Antarctic adventure. She ends up on a snowy hill and needs help. She decides to open a diner in her neighborhood and soon she's overwhelmed by the amount of work. Serving customers, taking orders, and collecting tips will keep her busy, but she must always keep in mind the time.

Penguin Diner game is a great time management game, and you can use your mouse to manage the diner. In this game, you'll need to take orders, serve customers, and collect money when they leave. The better you serve your customers, the more tips you'll earn. The Penguins love to eat, and this game makes the process even more fun! Unlike many other restaurant simulation games, the Penguins will give you an incentive to work hard and do the job properly.

The Penguin Diner is a fun restaurant time management game. In this game, you'll need to serve customers, upgrade your diner, and make them happy! As you serve your customers, you'll earn more tips and eventually earn enough money to return home. The goal is to serve as many customers as possible before the clock runs out, but remember that you can upgrade your uniform and diner by earning money and upgrading the menu. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Penguin Diner Unblocked Free Game!