God Simulator

Welcome to the online game God Simulator. This is a free Simulator Game. A popular sandbox strategy genre has just found a new home with the god simulator genre. If you love to play strategy games, you might want to check out God Simulator Unblocked Game. The game puts you in control of an omnipotent observer who receives prayers from all the world's inhabitants. Use your powers to steer the planet towards peacefulness, or let it erupt in chaos.

While it might sound like you'd be better off playing a god simulation game than a strategy game, the goal of the game is to convert every village to worshiping your god. You can impress the villagers with miracles, or frighten them into submission by unleashing a storm. The game's landscape, temples, and music will change to fit the kind of deity you are. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing God Simulator Unblocked Free Game!