Fish Eat Fish

It is fun to swim in the sea and enjoy the environment if you are not a small and defenseless fish, for which the larger individuals are not averse to hunting. But you want to live, what to do? How to escape from a sad fate and survive in this beautiful, but dangerous underwater world? Only dexterity and speed of reaction can help to slip away from enemies and catch smaller fish. How long will you manage to hold out in the game Fish in Fish, without allowing any of the predators to get themselves to dinner? There is no time limit, so it only remains to rely on your own reaction and try to maneuver between larger enemies without hitting them in the stomach. Prove that you have the right to life, demonstrate the skills of an experienced survivalist in adverse conditions. Be able to survive in a dangerous world, despite the predatory fish trapping everywhere. Eating a trifle, grow to such a size that no one dares to swim up close enough and somehow harm.