Extreme Car Stunts 3D

Welcome to the online game Extreme Car Stunts 3D. This is a great Car Game. To have the ultimate thrill, an all new version of Extreme Car Stunts 3D Unblocked Game needs your undivided attention and dedication. As a new user of the game, there are certain requirements and objectives which you need to fulfill to be able to play the game. Some of these objectives are unlocking the various cars for usage, buying upgrades for your vehicle, participating in different rallies and events, and much more. Playing the game is extremely exciting and is also beneficial in terms of improving your driving skills as well as sharpening your racing strategies.

The top prize of this car stunt game is $25,000 cash. And you only need to make it to the top five players in the world to become eligible for the big cash prize! You can also get some cool upgrades for your car such as high performance wheels, paint job, added suspension, and much more to prepare your car for the race. It is recommended that you practice as much as you can to become familiar with the controls and other aspects of the game. This will help you enhance your skills and prepare you for real life car challenges. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Extreme Car Stunts 3D Unblocked Free Game!