Masked Forces Crazy Mode

You serve in one of the elite special forces units, and you have to go through the battles of a real war. You get good equipment, proven weapons and the ability to improve it all yourself. The war is long overdue, and each battle can be the last! HOW TO PLAY: Different locations will be involved. Start by selecting a mode or registration. Now decide - to create your own company or enter existing ones. Go to the choice of one of the two teams. The soundtrack is impressive - the background noise of a mad battle successfully superimposes on the excellent graphics. Had time to get involved in the battle and shoot well? Fine! Are you killed? Wait a few seconds and come back. Your arsenal consists of several machine guns and a heavy rifle. Shoot, but do not confuse your enemies. Reasonable caution will help hold out in battle and even win. The game will take into account points and have a team score. Try to be useful to your team and take a leadership position.