Street Fighter 2: Champion Edition

Welcome to the online game Street Fighter 2: Champion Edition. This is a great Action Game. One of the most popular video games in the world, Street Fighter II: Champion Edition Unblocked Game was released for arcades in 1992. Capcom also released the arcade version as Street Fighter II Dash, and in Japan, it was released as Street Fight II: Champion Edition. This is one of several updated versions of the game, which has since been ported to many video game consoles. If you're looking to play a classic fighting game, the Champion-Edition might be right for you!

This game's champion-edition features 12 playable characters, including the popular street fighters. The game also introduces 3 new characters: Fei-Long, a sexy martial arts movie star from Hong Kong, and T. Hawk, a Mexican indigenous warrior who is attempting to reconcile his ancestry with the crime lord M. Bison. During the single-player tournament, players faced opponents with all 12 characters. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Street Fighter 2: Champion Edition Unblocked Free Game!