Way of Tank

Welcome to the online game Way of Tank. This is a great Action Game. Everybody dreams of riding a tank, isn’t it? But to do this in real life takes a lot of time and money, because it will be much faster to play the game in which you need to control the tank. This will help you the game Way of Tank Unblocked Game. This is the first game where you have to chase the tank. You have to enter the battlefield by controlling the war cavalry. Dodge bullets, accelerate, overcome deadly traps and obstacles by circling, jumping or destroying them - do it as long as possible. Destroy all enemies on your way, do not let them destroy you. Be careful, the amount of ammunition you have is limited, so use them wisely and only where you really need it. Do not forget to collect buckets of gold and use them to upgrade and equip your tank with a large number of bonuses, ammunition, as well as buy yourself completely new tanks. On your way there will be different bonuses: doubling the number of collected buckets, increasing the tank maneuverability, improved projectiles - collect them and use them, they will help you in the race. This game is full of fun, steel armor, cool maneuvers and adrenaline. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Way of Tank Unblocked Free Game!