Oomee Cake

Oomee Cake is a new game coming from Yup7.com which is based in San Francisco, California. The objective of the game is very simple: get the three cakes to the bottom of the screen without crashing into other cakes. Each level consists of three cakes that you must stack with the help of other stacked cakes, while avoiding crashing into other ones. The levels can be advanced by adding more tools such as the "curved board" which makes the game even more challenging because you need to carefully consider the way you position your stack to ensure you won't crash into another one. The use of tools helps you progress through the different levels quickly and without having to learn complicated algorithms, something that a lot of games fail to provide.

The game is divided into two categories: Regular and HyperCarnage challenges you with stacking cakes in a certain time frame, while providing various free games to keep you busy and at the same time to test your ability to multi-task. For instance, in the Regular category you'll find the following tools: the banana, the pie, the ice cream and several others. Using these tools, you'll need to stack all the regular cakes in a straight line, while avoiding crashing into other ones which are located in the hypercarnage category. This isn't all - the level editor allows you to modify or create new levels for yourself if you feel like trying. However, don't forget that you're only allowed a limited number of tries before you have to restart from the beginning, so you'll always want to try the various levels once you're nearing the goal you're after. Definitely worth a try, especially since there aren't any huge costs attached! Happy Oomee Cake Eating! Yup7.com wishes you have fun playing Oomee Cake Unblocked game.