Super Blocky Race

Welcome to the online game Super Blocky Race. This is a great Racing Game. You just can't lose in Super Blocky Race Unblocked Game. You'll find yourself racing to the finish line in a high-speed competition against every car in the garages. Skillfully maneuvering over all your competitors, gather all coins to upgrade cars and accumulate points to unlock different maps in many different countries. Show yourself to be a good racing driver with the superb car game Super Blocky Race.

This super blocky racing game has a complete control scheme, which allows you to play with the steering wheel and brake. Use the keyboard arrow keys to maneuver your vehicle through each track. Upgrade your car, so it will be ready for higher races. Collect all the power ups available to increase your chance of winning.

This is a simple yet exciting racing game that will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat. Get ready for a challenge and drive like your life depends on it in this fun and addictive driving game. Have loads of fun in a different dimension of gaming with this high-speed car game. You will be left speechless as you enjoy the thrill of racing in this super entertaining online game. Super Blocky Race is ready to race with you! Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Super Blocky Race Unblocked Free Game!