Zombie Last Castle 4

Welcome to the online game Zombie Last Castle 4 . This is a free 2 Player Game. In Zombie Last Castle 4 Unblocked Game, you must command your own squad of soldiers and defend different objects from zombie invasion. To do so, you should use your arsenal of weapons and bullets, and a powerful shield. Once the time is right, you must open fire and shoot zombies to kill them. This will earn you points as you destroy your opponents. If you die in this game, you will have to start over.

In Zombie Last Castle 4, you'll have 3 modes to complete the game. First, you have to clear all the zombies in each of the three chapters. Next, you'll need to use different weapons and traps to defeat the zombies. You can also unlock new weapons and improve your current arsenal. You'll find several new weapons in this version, including an automatic volley gun. The difficulty level is Normal. You can play the game alone, with one or two other people.

In Zombie Last Castle 4, you'll be the sole survivor of your castle as waves of zombies attack you. You can upgrade your equipment and weaponry as you progress through the game. If you can afford to spend a bit more money to improve your arsenal, you can purchase better items. You should also make use of power-ups that appear on the left side of the screen. Besides, you can also shoot zombies with your gun. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Zombie Last Castle 4  Unblocked Free Game!