Battalion Commander

  Here’s an awesome tactical shooting for you: Battalion Commander! This game asks you to be a glorious strategist. Well-being of your battalion depends on your actions. You have to guide them to safety. But the path to glory doesn't lay down on the bed of roses. It lies on a bed of thorns, actually.   You’ll start out as a loner in an hostile area and you’ll keep continuing your way, eliminating enemies. Main goal is to save other troopers on your battalion in battalion commander game. You might think this task will get repetivive easily. But don't be afraid. Because the game will you give different and enjoyable minitasks constantly, you’ll try to achive them one by one. And after a while when you check your clock, you’ll see that time is hours ahead. Don't try to fix your clock! It isn't broken. That's because battalion commander duties are so addictive. It really warps you into an alternative universe where you’ll be responsible from the well-being of your comrades. This sense of responsibility is one of the many reasons why this game is so enjoyable. If you fail, the whole troop fails; so don't be careless. Think your actions fast, and think smart. Otherwise you’ll have holes on your body. Battalion commander unblocked online game is a great game that measures commandership of the gamer. It has simple mechanics, you can play the game on any platform thanks to this. It has all the qualities that help the gamer stay focused whole gamethrough without getting bored.   Show your strategical skills in this awesome shooting game right now! Also, have a look at our Shooting Games category for more games like this. Have fun!