Rage Quit Racer

Welcome to the free unblocked game Rage Quit Racer. This is a great Car Games. You don't have to drive your car through a tunnel or ride on top of a roller coaster to have fun in Rage Quit Racer, a completely unique and innovative 3D arcade game for you game time. Try Rage Quit Racer at site! 

In this exciting car games online, you play as the driver of your own moving vehicle and take on a variety of challenges as you make your way through a variety of themed levels and overcome obstacles with the help of a friendly speed 3D hyper casual avoid runner who helps you along the way. The game's overall goal is to win the ultimate prize, which involves racing against a variety of crazy opponents on numerous levels - all the while, the background music plays quietly yet still efficiently. This is a new take on the classic obstacle-course style of gaming and brings a new spin to the popular game genre. Even the graphics aren't reserved for the Pc, as the game features a very colorful and lifelike interface and overall appearance. The game allows you to tap a variety of icons, such as a speed change or a boost, to trigger an effect. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Rage Quit Racer unblocked free game!