Sticky Road Sticky Road
Skeleton Hunter Skeleton Hunter
One Man Invasion One Man Invasion
Mighty Viking Mighty Viking
Cookies Must Die Online Cookies Must Die Online
Quick Capture Quick Capture
Towers: Card Battles Towers: Card Battles
Siberian Strike Siberian Strike
Nitro Street Run 2 Nitro Street Run 2
Danger Dash Danger Dash
Vex 7 Vex 7
Grenade Hit Stickman Grenade Hit Stickman
Tanks 2D: Tank Wars Tanks 2D: Tank Wars
Monster Rush Monster Rush
Devil Cry Devil Cry
SplatPed Evo SplatPed Evo
Good Guys vs Bad Boys Good Guys vs Bad Boys
Russian Grand City Auto Russian Grand City Auto
Trevor 2 Moneytalks Mad City Trevor 2 Moneytalks Mad City
Mad City Stories Sand Boxed Mad City Stories Sand Boxed
Noob Vs 1000 Zombies Noob Vs 1000 Zombies
Zombie Derby Drift Zombie Derby Drift
Arena: Noob vs Pro Arena: Noob vs Pro
Zombies Survival Zombies Survival
Noob Torch Flip 2D Noob Torch Flip 2D
Plane Racing Madness Plane Racing Madness
Wall Of Box Wall Of Box
Crafty Miner Crafty Miner
Squidly Game Hide And Seek Squidly Game Hide And Seek
Stickman Parkour Stickman Parkour
Noob Escape: One Level Again Noob Escape: One Level Again
Block World Block World
Pigeons Pigeons Pigeons Pigeons
Supra Crash Shooting Cars Supra Crash Shooting Cars
Noob Vs Pro 4 Lucky Block Noob Vs Pro 4 Lucky Block
Zombie Catcher Online Zombie Catcher Online
Street Mayhem - Beat Em Up Street Mayhem - Beat Em Up
Kick the Huggie Wuggie Kick the Huggie Wuggie
Battle Heroes 3 Battle Heroes 3
Noob vs pro 2 Jailbreak Noob vs pro 2 Jailbreak
Mine Shooter Monsters Royale Mine Shooter Monsters Royale
Police Chase Motorbike Driver Police Chase Motorbike Driver
Airplane Missile Escape Airplane Missile Escape
Squid Escape Bloody Revenge Squid Escape Bloody Revenge
Stickman Archer Adventure Stickman Archer Adventure
Stealth Hunter Stealth Hunter
Epic Defense Clash Epic Defense Clash
Shadow Ninja Revenge Shadow Ninja Revenge
Confront Confront
Frozen Sam Frozen Sam
Super Drive Ahead Super Drive Ahead
Tiny Clash Tiny Clash
Squid Challenge Glass Bridge Squid Challenge Glass Bridge
Helicopter Escape Helicopter Escape
Squid Challenge 2 Squid Challenge 2
Mr Fight Online Mr Fight Online
Knights of Fortune Knights of Fortune
Hero Masters Hero Masters
Laser Cannon 3 Laser Cannon 3
Super Stickman Fight Super Stickman Fight
Stick Duel: Shadow Fight Stick Duel: Shadow Fight
Mineworld Horror Mineworld Horror
Imposters 99 Imposters 99
Hunter Assassin 2 Hunter Assassin 2
Raymans Incrediballs Dodge Raymans Incrediballs Dodge
Brawlhalla Grand Slam Brawlhalla Grand Slam
Brawl Warfire Online Brawl Warfire Online
Ace Brawl Battle 3D Ace Brawl Battle 3D
Los Angeles Crimes Los Angeles Crimes
Vector Rush Vector Rush
Sector 781 Sector 781
Angry Shark Miami Angry Shark Miami
J.O.K.E.R ll J.O.K.E.R ll
Blocky Craft Police Squad Blocky Craft Police Squad
Amazing Strange Rope Police - Vice Spider Vegas Amazing Strange Rope Police - Vice Spider Vegas
Xtrem Demolition Derby Racing Xtrem Demolition Derby Racing
Endless Space Travel Endless Space Travel
Valkyrie RPG Valkyrie RPG
T.R.E.V.O.R Mad Story 3 T.R.E.V.O.R Mad Story 3
Super Pork Super Pork
Eternal Fury Eternal Fury
King Rugni Tower Defense King Rugni Tower Defense
Bot Machines Bot Machines
Rope Help Rope Help
Race Masters Rush Race Masters Rush
Neon Blaster Neon Blaster
Time Witch Time Witch
Rebel Gamio Rebel Gamio
Ninja Boy Ultimate Edition Ninja Boy Ultimate Edition
Squid Game 2 Squid Game 2
Helicopter Mega Splash Helicopter Mega Splash
Train Surfers Train Surfers
Impostor Royal Killer Impostor Royal Killer
Stick Duel: Medieval Wars Stick Duel: Medieval Wars
Kogama Fortnite Kogama Fortnite
Drunken Boxing Drunken Boxing
Fall Boys Ultimate Knockout Fall Boys Ultimate Knockout
Adventures of Batman and Robin Adventures of Batman and Robin
Squid Game: All Rounds Squid Game: All Rounds
Hero 2: Katana Hero 2: Katana
Street Fighter 2: Champion Edition Street Fighter 2: Champion Edition
Super MadRex Super MadRex
Sky Hunter 3D Sky Hunter 3D
Space Wave: Danger Zone Space Wave: Danger Zone
HydroStorm 2 HydroStorm 2
Squid Fighter Squid Fighter
Kingdom defense online Kingdom defense online
Hydro Storm 2 Hydro Storm 2
My Shark Show My Shark Show
Dino Squad Battle Mission Dino Squad Battle Mission
Halloween Skeleton Smash Halloween Skeleton Smash
Cyber Racer Battles Cyber Racer Battles
Stick War 2 Stick War 2
Vector 2 parkour Vector 2 parkour
Tank Alliance Tank Alliance
Robot Attack Robot Attack
LinQuest LinQuest
Heroic Survival Heroic Survival
Titan Swamp Attack Titan Swamp Attack
Agent J Agent J

Action Games

  Welcome to the Action Games. This category has to be the most thrilling one, doesn’t it? It’s full of different and amazing journeys filled with non-stop adrenaline. Action genre can be simply explained as a video game genre that emphasizes physical challenges, including hand-eye coordination and reaction time. In exciting games originated from this genre, you’ll usually control a character in form of a protagonist or avatar. You’ll navigate your way through different obstacles that will try to get you out of track and nearly invincible bosses that want to hurt you. Enemy attacks and obstacles will deplete your character’s health and lives.


  Typically, in this category’s games, you’ll be overcoming challenges. You can only trust your own qualities while performing tasks given to you. You’ll be aiming precisely with quick response time. There will be additional challenges besides physical challenges such as exploring different and exotic settings. Whether these settings were inspired by real life artifacts or are simply the products of imagination, one thing is for sure. They will be immersive. There will also be puzzles sprinkled throughout the game. Muscles aren’t enough, you have to show your brains to beat these challenges. But when you break down the games of this genre, one thing is clear. High reaction speed and good hand-eye coordination is essential to be successful.


  There are many different subgenres originated from this highly popular category. And of course Yup7 Games presents you many glorious specimens of them. Crazy games, Adventure games and Shooting games can also be found here, on our Action Games category. There is Short Ride which is a perfect example to side-scrolling game where you’ll try to advance in your path, a path that lies within fatal dangers. There is Kick The Baby that you can quite put in any subgenre. It’s quite fun and relaxing to be honest. If you’re mad at something, you can take out of your frustration on a doll. If you’re the strategist type who likes plans and strategies as the way of glory, the tactical games will suit you the most. In Bloom Tower Defense 5, you’ll find a quite spectacular example of this subgenre. And then there is Amazing Strange Rope Police, which is the perfect example that has every positive aspect of most of the unblocked action games.


  You’ll find yourself in mazes that will be pain to solve. You’ll find yourself in battle royales and try to survive in a zombie apocalypse or an apocalpyse due to global crisis. You’ll find yourself in tombs, in skyscrapers or in suburbs. There are very different journeys that will take place in many different settings in these Crazy games.


  We collected all of these online action games for you the gamers. They include Action games PC for you to play on your computer. And there are also those that are suitable for mobile devices, phones or tablets. Come try them and choose the one you like the most. wishes you have fun playing Action Games Unblocked free game!