Imposters 99

Welcome to the online game Imposters 99. This is a online unblocked Action Game. If you've been looking for a new third-person shooting game, look no further than Imposters 99 Unblocked Game. This game is a combination of arcade and RPG games, featuring a 3D character from the popular game, Among Us. In Imposters 99, you'll use your mouse to aim your character's weapon, and it will auto-shoot as soon as an enemy enters a circle. Your goal is to destroy all of your enemies before they attack you, and to get into the exit portals on every level.

In Imposters 99, you'll take control of a spaceship, where you'll be fighting against clones. Because of the limited space, you'll have to make good use of your area and weaponry. The game also gives you access to different compartments to help you stay alive, so you'll need to use them well! But what's more, the enemies will double in size each day, so you'll need to make use of every possible weapon and power-up to get ahead. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Imposters 99 Unblocked Free Game!