Short Life 2

Life finds a way… to hurt you really bad, in this sequel to Short Life. It’s Short Life 2. The game’s premise is pretty similar to the first one. Your task is simple. You will try to finish the parkour each level. And there will be obstacles on the parkour that will try to prevent you from finishing it. Life threatening obstacles one can say… If you get caught by these obstacles you’ll meet a painful death or injury. There are 20 levels in the game. This means 20 different parkours and many creative ways to vanish your hero. Short Life 2 unblocked is an excellent example of the good usage of physics simulator on gaming. Folks at the GameTornado Studios have hit the jackpot again. Short Life 2 game offers a colourful and graphics and cartoonish violence. It has simple controllers, you’ll use the arrow buttons to move around the level. If you want to finish the level perfectly, you’re gonna have to collect all 3 starts on the level. Finish all 20 levels perfectly, and you’ll have a satisfaction that a few games can give. To spend the stars that you’ve collected, stop at the shop section and unlock different and versatile heroes. With this option the game diversifies each gameplay with different heroes. Short Life 2 online game is a non stop thrill ride that makes the player work for the total completion which is an awesome quality for a flash game to have. Its game mechanics is off the charts and game's strongest suite. Even some nonflash games don't have that intruiging game psyhics that Short Life 2 has. We could guarentee you that you’ll never get bored playing Short Life 2. And you'll never want this game to end. Until Short Life 3 comes along, this one might the best survival-action game with unique game qualities. Don't be a stranger, click play and start experiencing this incredible game right away!