Bob The Robber Temple Adventure

Today we will meet again with the legendary robber, on whose behalf all collectors and rich people sigh convulsively. For him there is no place where he could not get. Bob is a master of his craft and in this he has no equal. In the new part of the epic adventure Bob The Robber Temple Adventure, you will go to the ancient temple, which is shrouded in mystery. It is rumored that countless treasures are stored there, but so far no one has managed to get them. These legends became a challenge for Bob and he went to the temple. There you have to help the robber to collect all the gold and not to fall into the hands of the guards. Ahead of you are waiting for ten levels, where you have to act very cleverly and carefully, to sneak gold coins directly from under the noses of the guards. From the guards in the red caps you need to hide, and the guards in the blue caps, you can easily neutralize when they fall asleep at the post. Also, do not let the healers raise the alarm.