Crazy Royale Battleground

  Welcome to Crazy Royale Battleground online. It’s a thrilling action game that offers the gamer a unique experience, an experience that they will remember even a long time after being done with it. It’s a wacky game developed by FreezeNova.   First things first, choose the player class that you’re gonna play as. You can choose soldier, farmer, salaryman, police or medic. Then you’ll type in your name and choose the map of your wish. There are two different maps on the game. There is a Sandbox map which is a rather small map. But it fills up with its constant combat where it lacks the size. Because of being a small map, enemies will come up immediately after you hit start button, so be ready for a vicious battle after you hit start button. Second map is Battle Royale, where you will really feel the Battle Royale vibes. You’ll be parachuted onto a deserted island with a few settlement. You’ll be constantly looking for better armory and wares after the second your feet touch the ground. You’ll have to think fast and act faster, quick moves and successful hits are needed if you want to be the last person standing alive. It's a Battle Royale! You will try to survive with a few rules. You can pick up many different guns from the ground and designated points and get the upper hand. You can get a sniper and be the menace on the tower. You can pick up a shotgun and go guns blazing, be the fearless striker and mess up the strategies that your enemies are building. It’s an arena with almost limitless possibilities. And the best part is that it's a multiplayer game. It’s an online game that you can play with your friends and foes! There is a bot option of course, but if you don't fancy playing versus AI, you can always play the game against real players from all around the world.   With its 3D cartoony graphics, Crazy Royale Battleground unblocked is one of the many multiplayer games of our website. And the fluid gameplay that originates from its almost flawless gamemechanics really adds up to the game’s hype. You can play it over and over again without getting a bit bored. Only the talented will be glorious in Crazy Royale Battleground game, do you think you got what it takes to be one? If yes, come on and start clashing your way in Crazy Royale Battleground!