Heroes of War

Welcome to the online game Heroes of War. This is a great Multiplayer Game. A massive historical action awaits you in Heroes of War an exciting, multiplayer action-packed war game sure to satisfy your action-packed game-time! Inspired by the most deadly conflicts of World War II, you once again must lead humanity into a future battle, aiding peaceful nations endure the attack of brutal, military enemies willing to do whatever it takes to conquer all of their lands! Experience the drama of a changing world as you struggle through single player games, versus battles, and team games all focused on providing players with an equally dramatic experience as they traverse across seemingly unending landscapes and fight to save the world from destruction. Experience the thrill of battle as you control your hero with realistic controls and powerful weapons, build friendships with other players for co-op gaming, and engage in massive worldwide conflicts and earn achievements along the way!

Strategy games are a popular genre when it comes to action-packed war games. In Heroes of War Unblocked Game, players will battle it out with hundreds of unique characters all with unique weapons and abilities to overcome each encounter. With a variety of missions available at different levels, players must plan their strategies for success and devise a plan to beat all of their opponents. Special weapons and power ups help players enjoy unique advantages throughout each level; taking down larger opponents while remaining safe and well protected against massive attacks from groups of stronger characters; or coordinating a defense against a massive attacking force, all the while protecting your home base from being devastated in the name of a bold attack. The ultimate goal is to protect your home base from total annihilation. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Heroes of War Unblocked Free Game!