Poker with Friends

Are you ready for a flashy card game? Are you an admirer of the high stakes tables? Then get into Poker with Friends where the gamblers are pretty and stakes are always high. It’s a classy and modern look into the game of poker. You'll feel like you're playing the game for real. Its kind is Fixed Limit Texas Hold Em. The rules of the game are simple. Blinds will be from 50 $ to 100 $. And the bets will go from 100 $ to 200 $’s. Max 4 bets/raises per betting round. The game has all the qualities that a normal poker game has. Flushes and royal flushes will fly across the board. You can play the game via quick play and play it online, against real players from around the world. You can rush your way to the glory easily. Or maybe you can never be the winner. Its unscripted nature surely gives the spontaneous vibe that makes the game unpredictable that it is. You can also play the game in a private room choosing the private game mode. In this mode, you’ll give your room a password, and only selected few, who has the correct password, will share the adrenaline and excitement the game offers with you. You’ll feel like you’re playing at high stakes poker tables of Monte Carlo casinos when you’re playing Poker with Friends thanks to its awesome graphics. We should also mention its interface. On most card games the main problem is the interface of the game. Whether it's poorly built or shakily constructed, if the interface doesn't meet the expectations, it’s hard to enjoy especially a card game. But thanks to its visionary interface Poker with Friends does not have these kinds of problems. The mouse will be an extention of your brain on the game, you’ll have no trouble in bringing your strategies to life. It’s a cool and electrifiying card game. And it’s just the game for a cards game lover. Click play and start right now.