Funny Nose Doctor

Welcome to the online game Funny Nose Doctor. This is a free Kids Game. If you're looking for a fun doctor simulation game, the Funny Nose Doctor Unblocked game is just the thing. There are 2 patients in the game: Hellen, a young, active girl who broke her nose on a banana peel and did not tell her parents until the next day. You'll need to clean her broken nose, fix the bones, and provide treatment to help her recover as soon as possible.

Funny Nose Doctor Game allows you to perform surgery on different patients' noses. You'll need to use clamps, clips, tweezers, and squirters to repair nose damage and fix them. In order to succeed in this fun, unblocked game, you'll need to complete each of the tasks required to restore the patient's nose. You'll be rewarded with a high score, so don't be afraid to fail! Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Funny Nose Doctor Unblocked Free Game!