Monster Truck Racing Arena

Welcome to the online game Monster Truck Racing Arena. This is a great Racing Game. Monster Truck Racing Arena Unblocked game is a challenging online racing game in which you drive various large monster trucks across many landscapes. At the end of every level, there will be a deadline, and if you do not beat it, you loose your cash, and start the level over again. In total, there are around 4 trucks, and you'll have a limited choice of 8 cars to drive across the tracks. There are also 16 levels for you to complete, so you definitely have something worth looking forward to.

As you progress through each level of the game, you earn cash, as well as improving the truck driving skills. You can even buy new upgrades for your car, or add parts to break through certain obstacles. Once you reach the top of the ladder, you'll have to compete against other online players for the title, and you're encouraged to test your racing skills by taking on one of the several categories featured in the game. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Monster Truck Racing Arena Unblocked Free Game!