Zumba Ocean

Welcome to the great Zumba Ocean. This is a great arcade games. Zumba Ocean Unblocked game is a unique arcade game that will challenge your sense of rhythm and coordination. You must use "click" or "touch" to shoot as the fast paced sea wave approaches. All you have to do is stretch the chain while matching three of same colored gems on the left side of the screen and remove them by hitting the space bar. The goal is to reach the finish line without letting any gems fall off the screen. To do this, you must earn points by matching the same color in succession over the course of five waves.

To increase your score, you must collect three stars on each wave that you shoot the hoops on. The scoring is based on the total number of hoops you shoot on every wave. The game ends when you touch the bottom of your screen to end it. Occasionally, the hoops on the right or left side of your board will change color making the game more difficult. Different gem pieces fall from the board faster than others, so you should try to keep track of how many gems are left on the board before time runs out. Yup7.com wishes you have fun playing Zumba Ocean Unblocked free game!