Stickman Warfield

Prepare for the next big battle in Stickman Warfield! Head into the trenches in this tactical action-packed game. You will receive instructions as to when they attack, so that you can prepare yourself for battle. They will be using machine guns, explosives, and various other weapons on their way to your castle.

As you advance through the levels in Stickman Warfield Unblocked game, you will encounter increasingly difficult and tough opponents. When you finally reach the level boss, he will let you know of a special item he wants you to obtain. Using the item, you will be able to shoot stickman targets from a distance. Each level will also offer new stickman games, new weapons, and power ups.

In Stickman Warfield unblocked online game, you are permitted to either play for fun or earn up to one million points by shooting enemies within the level. The highest score you can attain is one million, so don't forget about that. In addition, each time you level up, you will be given a special mission that will give you even more reasons to play stickman war games. The point system rewards you not only for kills but for assists, ramming of vehicles, and time played. That's a lot of fun!