Flat Jewels Match 3

Flat Jewels Match 3 is simply timeless classic match 3 puzzle in modern flat style. Enjoy timeless classic game mechanisms in this addictive yet fun modern version. Take on the role of a diamond, and start bumping and dropping jewels to make your way from one level to another as you try to reach the goal of winning the highest score. Simple concept, yet the simplicity of the Yup7 Games have won many fans.

These games have simple concept but a whole lot of fun. You will simply need to click on various colored gem to drop them and match 3 to win the game. These Flat Jewels Match games are extremely fast-paced as you will need to click on each gem quickly to prevent them from hitting the ground. Some of these games can even be controlled using keyboard controls, and the most advanced game types are compatible with many of popular browsers.

In Flat Jewel Match 3 Unblocked game you are lead through a number of steps that gradually allow you to progress through increasingly difficult stages. There is an infinite number of levels to the game, and they change every time you play. The overall goal is for you to achieve as high a score as possible before the time expires. The Flat Jewels game features beautiful color graphics, easy interface, and sound effects to enhance the gaming experience. Yup7.com wishes you have fun playing Flat Jewels Match 3 free unblocked game!