Blox Escape

Blox Escape is a new puzzle game that lets kids experience what it's like to have an enhanced mind. The main character, Blox, has been kidnapped by the Doctor. The doctor gives Blox a mysterious blue pill that when taken will give him the abilities of a child. This pill also causes the personality of every person in Blox's body to change, making them think and act like animals. This causes some people to become extremely angry at the changes in Blox's body and he must find out why.

Blox is a friendly little robot who wants to help his human friend escape from the strange hospital. Using his escape gadget, Blox finds his way to the escape pod where he meets a variety of interesting characters along the way. The goal of the game is for Blox to escape by solving a series of puzzles while making sure not to bump into any walls. As you make your way through the different levels, you'll see how much further you can get by using your brain rather than your brawn.

Blox Escape Unblocked game is an extremely enjoyable puzzle game that kids of all ages will enjoy playing. Not only does it have an engaging storyline, it incorporates brain exercise in a way that most other games don't. If you're looking for something new and exciting to do, this game has got to be one of your favorites. Its relaxing sound effects and cute character will make it seem as though you're having fun as well as getting a nice mental workout. wishes you have fun playing Blox Escape Unblocked free game!