Bomb Destroyer

Today we will introduce you to one of the most difficult and dangerous professions, on which the lives of people literally depend. I wonder what each of you thought? But it is unlikely about the sapper, and in fact the sapper risks his life every second, without exaggeration, and now you will see for yourself. The Bomb Destroyer game will help show you how patient and sustained you are, and whether you can, by observing a sense of absolute calm, eliminate the bomb planted by terrorists. Of course, there will be no terrorists in the game, but there will be a training ground where there will be an established bomb and, if you don’t cope, you will simply lose. And the game has several levels, but each with its task and its difficulties. You will have to work in different conditions, but everywhere you need peace of mind and balance, because the sapper may have only one mistake and its price is too high to allow it.