Red and Blue Red Forest

Welcome to the online game Red and Blue Red Forest. This is a great 2 Player Games. In this latest adventure game from, you take control of both characters in your adventure--the brave knight and his errant princess. Each hero has his or her own distinct ability, and you'll need to use these special skills to conquer each challenge that the two heroes face. For example, the knight can collect energy points to activate special moves, such as a well-placed sword swing or a powerful kick. The princess can heal herself by picking up the blue crystal, cast powerful magic, or do damage to enemy characters with her magical wand.

When you're not busy using your weapons and fighting enemies, you can head over to the magical Red and Blue Square to collect the gemstones that are scattered throughout the adventure game. You'll find these gemstones on top of rocks, in water, beneath the snow, or wherever else you find interesting objects in the two dimensional world of Red and Blue Red Forest Unblocked Game. Collecting the gemstones is an enjoyable way to spend your time in this charming side-scrolling adventure game. You'll need to avoid damaging walls and other hazards in order to reach all of the gemstones, so make sure to save your progress after every stage. If you die in any area of the two player game, you will lose all of your progress and have to start over again in order to try again.

This colorful action-adventure game offers up many hours of intense gaming, so if you've never played an adventure arcade game before, you should definitely give Red and Blue Red Forest a shot. Not only does it offer a great design for those who enjoy playing pure action games, it also offers a great soundtrack that is filled with songs that will keep you in full swing throughout your adventure. As you play through the two levels and jump through the different challenges that are thrown your way, you will learn about the importance of trust in your relationship with your trusty steed, as well as how much danger lurks around the corner. By the time you complete the game, you'll feel like you've got yourself a real job by managing the finances of the gold mining business, while preventing the evil Bakugan from taking over. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Red and Blue Red Forest Unblocked free game!