Squidly Game Tug Of War

Welcome to the online game Squidly Game Tug Of War. This is a free 2 Player Game. The object of the game is to pull your opponent to the side of the platform and win each marble that your opponent has. When you lose, you will be cut by the guillotine or fall off a platform. The objective is to pull the opposing team's marble to the side so that you can kill them!

In this episode, the Squidly Game Tug Of War Unblocked Game has a unique twist on the classic kids' game Hopscotch. In this game, competitors must jump from square to square and try to make it back to the starting square. The Squidly Games' version of the tug of war requires the players to jump over a bridge. A bridge is made up of two glass squares, one tempered, and the other fragile. The weaker team will drop, causing the player to die. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Squidly Game Tug Of War Unblocked Free Game!