Celebrity Party

Welcome to the online game Celebrity Party is a online unblocked game. In the Celebrity Party game, each player gets a chance to act out the likeness of a famous person. Depending on the number of players, this may be a short game or a game that takes up a full hour. The first team member selects a celebrity from a bowl. If the celebrity is guessed correctly, the team earns one point.

For each round, the team will be given clues and a time limit. At the end of the time limit, the team will be awarded a point if the team guesses the right answer. A good rule of thumb is that each round should be about one minute. This is a nice way to keep the players entertained. There are three rounds and each has a different set of requirements. While playing the game, players can try to guess the name of a famous celebrity, but they shouldn't reveal their answers to the other players. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Celebrity Party Unblocked Game!