Save The Monster

Welcome to the online game Save The Monster. This is a great Puzzle Games. Save The Monster Unblocked Game is a type of arcade game in which you have to move the monster across the screen to accumulate coins and also to avoid exploding rockets who intend to destroy you as well. The monster is able to move in various fields, so you should locate the most convenient way to collect coin quickly. Once you collect ten coins an explosive rocket will be fired at the monster which will destroy some of the coins. This tends to destroy the screen as well, but if you continue to save the monster, he will get back to his ordinary state and continue to appear. There are a total of 99 levels to this game, which means that you could probably play it for more than one hour without getting bored.

Controls for this game consist of holding the left or right keys while the mouse is held over a monster, and you have several options with regard to how you are controlling your character. You can easily move your little pixel on the screen using the mouse, but the only really difficult aspect of the game is to be able to control the right or left keys which trigger the different actions. That is not all that you have to worry about, as the game is designed so that you will not run out of lives before the game is over, and in fact there is a very short learning curve associated with playing the unblocked puzzle game. The controls themselves are very easy to operate and understand, and once you master the basics of the game, you do not have to use them ever again. There are five types of bombs in this game, and they will explode either when you are near them, or when you touch them.

There are many different elements in this game, and players can choose between a few different styles of play, including puzzle and strategy games. There is also a level editor, in which you can design your own levels to see players tackle more complex challenges. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Save The Monster Unblocked Free Game!