Jewels Mine

Welcome to the free game Jewels Mine. This is a great Puzzle Games. Jewels Mine is a match 3 game where you get to use a large variety of gem types. Gems come in all kinds, colors, and levels of rarity. Gems fall into one of seven categories, each separated into two more categories. The gems can be matched up using their categories to form a three-way tie, a diamond in a four-way match, or a gold in a five-way match.

The match starts by you picking random gems from the board. As you click match on them, they will appear, one by one, on your grid. Continue clicking until you have matched up all of the gems that are of the same color group and/or level.

At the end of the game you get to see your results and the amount of points you've earned. The highest score wins. I've only really played this with my daughter, so I'm not sure how much it actually helps with matching the gems. Regardless, she loves it!, gems, or diamonds during play, you win the game. easy, engaging, and requires no real strategy on your part other than being able to match the gems in the correct order. The controls are fairly simple for someone used to playing more complicated games with multi-button controls. This game could use some tutorials, but I don't think they're too difficult, and the instruction is clear and easy to follow.

Jewels Mine unblocked game is available for free on, where it is currently ranked number 4. If you enjoy this game, and the idea of collecting and matching gems correctly, you might want to check out the paid version. It may sound silly, but the free version has a lot of potential. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Jewels Mine unblocked free game!