Google Feud

Welcome to the online game Google Feud. This is a free Puzzle Game. We asked 100 people what is the most funny general knowledge and guessing game. And the most popular answer is Google Feud ! Welcome to this striking platform game. Google Feud Unblocked Game brings the fun of the classical tv show Family Feud to the next generation. Instead of guessing people’s answers, you’ll guess what people might have googled! There are 4 categories in the game. Culture, People, Names and Questions. Your task is to guess in each category how does google autocomplete your given sentence. You’ll have to guess 10 sentences correctly. For example, if you choose the name category and are given the name ''Robert'', you’re gonna have to guess what might people search with this name. Could be De Niro. Or not. This is the fun of the game. If you make 3 wrong guesses, you’ll get 3 Xs and that means the game is over! Google feud game brings one of the longest running game show as an online game to you. You’ll play family feud online game ! Richard Dawson might be dead, god bless his soul. But if he'd been alive, he would have been proud of Google Feud. Click play and start competing in a format that's been adored by the whole world since 70’s!  Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Google Feud Unblocked Free Game!