Shopping Mall Tycoon

Welcome to the online game Shopping Mall Tycoon. This is a online unblocked Simulation Game. Investing in the best location for your shopping mall is crucial to a successful business. In this business game, you will have to find the right location for a shopping mall, choose the right store designs, and manage the building's infrastructure. You can also renovate the mall, collect coins and diamonds, and expand the top of the mall. There are a number of ways to earn money and increase your success in this action-packed business game.

This game will allow you to become a real businessman and run your own shopping mall. You will start with just one store and expand as your business grows. Depending on your income, you can expand your mall to different locations. In this way, you will earn more money. This game is not just for children, though! Adults and even adults alike can enjoy this business simulation game. It allows players to become the richest businessman in the world by building and managing shopping centers. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Shopping Mall Tycoon Unblocked Free Game!