City Police Bike Simulator

Are you in search of a realistic simulator that reflects city’s dynamic lookouts perfectly? How about being an authority figure? Let’s say a police officer... How about a police officer that uses a 2 wheeled service vehicle? Do you want to test out a realistic experience of driving a police bike in the city? If yes, this game is just the one for you! It’s City Police Bike Simulator. The game’s premise might seem a little too simple at first glance. But it’s so much more than just a simulator of driving a police bike. It’s an endless joy source one might say, an awesome experience. There are 2 modes of the game. In the missions mode, you’ll be trying to achive enjoyable tasks. Missions will start out easy. But it’ll get tougher as you go on. You'll get 3 stars for a flawlessly finished mission. Also, you’ll earn cash for successfully finished missions. You can use your cash to unlock a variety of police bikes to drive. More play time means more cash and more cash means more diversity in your gaming experience. The second mode is free ride mode. On this mode, you can experience the city's landscape, endless streets and roads without restrictions. There won't be any responsibility on this mode unlike the missions mode; you won't need to deal with any task. You’ll be just driving your motor and experience the qualities that game offers. The only limit is your fuel, you're gonna enjoy your free ride until your tank empties itself. If you think you're gonna get bored just free driving, don't worry. Because there also ramps spread all over the city! On this freaky ramps, you can do wicked stunts. Your only limit will be your imagination with these stunts because there are many different angled and shaped ramps on the game. Mind you, you won't be doing stunts without having something in return. Unlike other games, your stunts will serve a purpose here. At the end of many ramps, there will be cash money waiting for you. Your first goal doing stunts on those ramps will be grabbing the money. You can unlock new bikes and extend your gallery using it. The game has realistic and enjoyable graphics. It seems that developers thought of the whole gaming community, because there are 4 different kinds of graphics settings that goes from low to high. The game’s mechanics is off the charts, you’ll almost feel like experiencing a real motor drive playing this game. Come on in to fulfil your fantasy about driving a police motorbike right now!