Heavy Combat Heavy Combat
War Of Soldiers War Of Soldiers
Modern Commando Combat Modern Commando Combat
Pixel Gun Apocalypse 6 Pixel Gun Apocalypse 6
Toon Soldiers Toon Soldiers
Helicopter Rescue Helicopter Rescue
Sniper 3D Sniper 3D
Agent Alpha Agent Alpha
Paintball Wars Paintball Wars
Clash of Tanks Clash of Tanks
Xtreme Paintball Wars Xtreme Paintball Wars
Command Strike FPS Command Strike FPS
Noob vs Zombies Noob vs Zombies
Rule Your City Rule Your City
Toys Shooter You vs Zombies Toys Shooter You vs Zombies
Bazooka Boy Online Bazooka Boy Online
Tank Duel 3D Tank Duel 3D
Mr Noob Vs Zombies Mr Noob Vs Zombies
Farmers VS Zombies Farmers VS Zombies
Stickman Peacekeeper Stickman Peacekeeper
Pixel Smash Duel Pixel Smash Duel
Noob vs Pro Challenge Noob vs Pro Challenge
Vegas Clash 3D Vegas Clash 3D
Shoot And Run Shoot And Run
Idle Hero: Counter Terrorist Idle Hero: Counter Terrorist
Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter
Halloween Pocket Sniper 3D Halloween Pocket Sniper 3D
Extreme Battle Pixel Royale Extreme Battle Pixel Royale
Pixel Royale Apocalypse Pixel Royale Apocalypse
Soldier Attack Soldier Attack
Shoot or Die Western Duel Shoot or Die Western Duel
Super Hero League Online Super Hero League Online
Mr Autogun Online Mr Autogun Online
Mr Bullet Online Mr Bullet Online
Atari Missile Command Atari Missile Command
Stickman Armed Assassin Cold Space Stickman Armed Assassin Cold Space
Po.Ba ( Polygonal Battlefield ) Po.Ba ( Polygonal Battlefield )
Battle S.W.A.T vs Mercenary Battle S.W.A.T vs Mercenary
Pixel Warfare 3: Youtubers Pixel Warfare 3: Youtubers
Shooting Blocky Combat Swat GunGame Survival Shooting Blocky Combat Swat GunGame Survival
Crazy Goat Hunter Crazy Goat Hunter
Dinosaurs Jurassic Survival World Dinosaurs Jurassic Survival World
CS Online CS Online
Extreme Pixel Gun Apocalypse 3 Extreme Pixel Gun Apocalypse 3
Pixel Gun Apocalypse Pixel Gun Apocalypse
Archery Clash Archery Clash
Zombie Killers Zombie Killers
Gun Master Gun Master
Zombie Reform Zombie Reform
Fort Craft Fort Craft
Squid Sniper Game Squid Sniper Game
Hunting Simulator Hunting Simulator
Warfare Area 2 Warfare Area 2
Draw Bullet Master Draw Bullet Master
Rebels Clash Rebels Clash
Squid Game Sniper Squid Game Sniper
Super Tankers Super Tankers
Time Shooter Time Shooter
Subway Clash 2 Subway Clash 2
Super Spy Agent 46 Super Spy Agent 46
Zombie Clash 3D Zombie Clash 3D
Brawlguys.io Brawlguys.io
Polyblicy Polyblicy
Jack O Gunner Jack O Gunner
Mini Shooters Mini Shooters
Stellar Shooters Stellar Shooters
Real Shooting FPS Strike Real Shooting FPS Strike
Call of Ops 3 Call of Ops 3
Florescene Florescene
Halloween 3D Multiplayer FPS Halloween 3D Multiplayer FPS
Demon Killer Demon Killer
Zombie Clash 3D: Halloween Zombie Clash 3D: Halloween
Farm Clash 3D Farm Clash 3D
Strike Online Shooter Strike Online Shooter
Zombies Attack Zombies Attack
Zombie Gunpocalypse 2 Zombie Gunpocalypse 2
Classic Chicken Shooting Classic Chicken Shooting
Biozombie Outbreak Biozombie Outbreak
Wild West Zombie Clash Wild West Zombie Clash
Battlefield Elite 3d Battlefield Elite 3d
Zombie Slayer Zombie Slayer
Super Sergeant Zombies Super Sergeant Zombies
Silent Asylum Silent Asylum
Stickdoll : God Of Archery Stickdoll : God Of Archery
Rambo Hit Em Up Rambo Hit Em Up
Ice Man 3D Ice Man 3D
Archer Hero Archer Hero
Sniper Trigger Revenge Sniper Trigger Revenge
Deer Hunter 2D Deer Hunter 2D
Crazy Pixel Apocalypse 3 Crazy Pixel Apocalypse 3
The Sniper Code The Sniper Code
Mountain Operation Mountain Operation
WWII Air Battle WWII Air Battle
Gunner Gunner
Save Me Now Save Me Now
Open Fire Open Fire
Among Shooter Online Among Shooter Online
 Zumba Mania Zumba Mania
Zombie Idle Defense Online Zombie Idle Defense Online
Crazy Shooter Crazy Shooter
Ev.io Ev.io
US Army Commando Elite Commando War US Army Commando Elite Commando War
Ragduel Ragduel
Tank Shooter Tank Shooter
Dead Zed Dead Zed
Ninja Clash Heroes Ninja Clash Heroes
Shooter Rush Shooter Rush
Frenzy Chicken Shooter 3D Frenzy Chicken Shooter 3D
Kill That Kill That
Stickman Sniper 3D Stickman Sniper 3D
Sniper Wolf Hunter Sniper Wolf Hunter
Shoot the Duck Shoot the Duck
Mr Shooter Mr Shooter
Pixel Zombie Die Hard.IO Pixel Zombie Die Hard.IO
Multi Tank Battle Multi Tank Battle
Battalion Commander Battalion Commander
Last Tank Attack Last Tank Attack
Gun Night.io Gun Night.io
Combat Zombie Warfare Combat Zombie Warfare

Shooting Games

  Generally, the main idea of this kind of games is to shoot opponents and proceed through missions without getting killed. This is the game type that’s been the most popular since the birth of computer games and personal computers. The feeling of charging into places while guns blazing is something that no one can duplicate in their real life. So in this category, the player unlocks this achivement while they get the kick out of the game. Luckily for you, you’ll be experiencing this feeling over and over again with the best specimens of Shooting Games genre offers here on Yup7.


  Online Shooting games come in a variety of subcategories: First Person Shooters, Third Person Shooters, Tactical Shooters, Shoot ‘Em Ups and Shooting Galleries are just a few that come to mind immediately. Thankfully there is a place where you can always find the game you’re looking for: yup7! You can experience 3D First Person Shooter with Shell Shockers, get to learn how to play hero shooters with Apple Shooter and many more. If it’s the gun games you need, you’ve chosen the right category. You can play the shooting kind of .io games, get into pistol games and bring mayhem to the servers on shooting online games. Which subgenre you prefer? FPS games? Third Person Shooter? Loot Shooter? Gun game? All these subgenres in this category are their finest examples. Action-packed missions, exciting firearms and insane warfares are in this category. Just a click away from you.


  Don’t limit your imagination with a thought that you’ll be getting into warfares only with humans though. One of the better qualities of these games is that you can get into a battle with anything and you can be tasked with any kind of mission. You’ll come head to head against herds of zombies in Free Zombie, and you’ll be targeting dragons in Dragon Shooter. You’ll be executing highly risky tasks as a soldier in Forward Assault Remix. You can even get into a deathmatch as a Santa Claus against other Santa Claus in Winter Clash 3D.

Each setting will be different, each game in this category are unique. Your task will also shapen up according to the setting and tone of the game. While you’ll be shooting darts to the target on a rotating wheel in Dart Wheel, you can change tone to an post-apocalyptic adventure in Mad Day 2 Special. Every game has its quality to make an addict out the gamer. If you’re into crafting and building while you want to play a shooting game, you can play 1V1.Lol or CraftNite.io.


  Most of the games in this category was produced by being blended with other genres. These games cannot be oversimplified as point and click games. It’s much more than that. It takes rather fine reflexes with good hand-eye coordination to be glorious in this kind of games. And don’t be sad because if you think you don’t have these. Just keep on playing. You’ll develop them before you know it and you’ll be the best player to play likes of Bullet Force.

  With these Shooter Games PC these adventures and action-packed thrillers will come to your computer screen. You’ll find many great Shooting Games for PC here. And there are the ones that you can play on your tablets and smartphones too. So you’ll never be too far away from jumping into exciting and addictive voyages with crazy games, action games, Tactical shooter games and adventure games that Yup7.om offers. Just click play and step into the exciting world of Fee online Shooting Games.


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