Time Shooter

Welcome to the online game Time Shooter. This is a free Shooting Game. The Time Shooter Unblocked Game is a unique shooting game. It uses bullet time and uses this to make you move faster and dodge enemy bullets. This action game is a great choice for anyone who likes to shoot games with an action-packed atmosphere. It's a fast-paced first-person shooter with an unlimited number of lives. But don't let its name fool you. This game is a great mix of first-person shooting and 3D.

It's an arcade-style shooting game with a cinematic-quality visual experience. This version also includes helicopter missions and multi-screen battles. The voice-guided game-play will guide you through the gameplay and give you instructions on when to use which weapons and how to time your moves. Each level in Time Shooter includes a prologue and three stages. As with its predecessor, it's easier to complete levels than its predecessor. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Time Shooter Unblocked Free Game!